VA Humidity Maintenance Kit

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Make sure your Voyage Air is always hydrated with this special bundle offer featuring a Humidity & Temperature Sensor and Humidifier.

The precision-designed Humidity and Temperature Sensor digitally indicates through a large LCD screen accurate relative humidity levels ranging from under 20% to 99%. The thermometer displays temperature in either Fahrenheit or centigrade, ranging from -32 to 122 degrees. Our LCD Humidity and Temperature Case Sensor includes a programmable set point as well as a memory feature that indicates the date and time of the highest and lowest temperature and humidity levels to which the instrument has been exposed. Keep track of conditions that can damage a valuable instrument

Your Voyage Air Humidifier is the simple and perfect way to keep all of your  wood instrument from drying out, cracking and other hydration related issues. Our Humidifier lives in your guitar case, holds moisture and  gently releases it gradually when needed. The Voyage Air humidifier is Ideal for any wood instrument and isn’t limited to being used with a Voyage Air to help prevent hydration related issues.